Terri's Story

Terri goes back to her Archery days

As a young girl, Terri says she was always bossy, even at school. When she joined her local archery club in Brighton, she knew she had found a hobby in which she could excel and was soon competing at club level. She carried on with her archery even after she moved to Hertfordshire, but gave up as time moved on.

When asked about her Silver Wish, Terri said that she would love to try archery again.

To the rescue came Sandra Spinks from Gosling Archery Club who saw Terri’s wish on Facebook.

Sandra invited Terri to come along and join in an archery session at the club.

Two weeks later, Terri went along to the club and spent a wonderful afternoon enjoying her favourite pastime.

She was absolutely thrilled to be at the club and we would like to thank Sandra for her wonderful kindness in making Terri’s Silver Wish a reality.